It doesn't have to be Xanths

Funeral flowers for a lady that lived near the shop. She was well known in Stamford. A big part of the dog community, a lady that wore bright clothing and crocs.

It was the crocs that summed her up, a mature lady with a young outlook. She would come in to buy flowers for friends, and bring me dead orchids asking for my tips on resuscitation.I gave it to her straight.....

"bin it, buy a new one"

and then we would laugh, a lot.

It was only after her death that i found out she was President of the flower arranging society.

I hope the tied bouquet of roses, ranunculus, tulips and snowdrops and herbs would have met with her approval.

If not, she would have given it to me straight, and then laughed.


Anonymous said...

Miss Pickering,

Gorgeous bunch of flowers. Hope you had a good Mother's Day. I have missed you. You have the best blog in the country. While you were away I had some flings with other blogs and their herby potatoes do not impress.


Mother Hen said...

The aforementioned lady was indeed very special, an honour to meet and talk to her, one of life's gentlewomen. A very fitting tribute indeed xxxx

Anonymous said...

your photographs are divine...

Anonymous said...

I love this tribute to your friend. I am sure she would have loved it too. Beautiful flowers and lovely thoughts today - thank you