It had to be a sandwich or two

Sourdough bread, toasted belly pork, last piece of crackling, roast veg, and that sauce. Then crab, just crab and a bit of mayonnaise.

Sandwiches have always been my thing, back in 1958/59 I worked for Pret a Manger, I could probably still make 120 chicken and bacon superclub in 45 minutes.

I have been a little extra obsessed with sandwiches since watching that BBC 4 documentary, I am now desperate to go to Bristol and try one of those famous Trethowan Dairy cheese sandwiches.

and whilst we are on the subject of food, I watched Eat, Drink, Man, Woman again at the weekend. The opening sequence is mesmerising. A man with knife skills is a good thing. If you haven't seen it, go and get it, and watch over the Bank Holiday. It is going to rain non-stop so you will need something to do.

Sophie is on again tonight, food for romance. Let's hope she is better, and doesn't look so scared of the food this time.

As i was buying a coffee this morning, the gentleman asked if he could have hot milk in his coffee instead of cold, as it would keep warmer longer.

"No it won't"

I wanted to say, a hotter liquid will lose it's temperature more quickly. I learnt that in my very first lesson of Physics A-Level. We rolled up, all 8 of us (not the most popular subject in an all girls boarding school) and we got to make a mug of coffee, and drink it in the lesson, and learn about heat loss and stuff. We thought we were the coolest people in the world, and scoffed at those that had chosen humanities. that lesson was taught by Mrs Gobbett, who was quite scary until you got to know her. I saw her in the Tobie Norris on Sunday night.

I didn't tell the man, the shop was busy, and he is a teacher, I didn't want to embarrass him.

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Rebecca said...

Ahhhh Miss P, you're making me hungry!! I knew sandwiches were the way to go!

I'm looking forward to Sophie tonight but fear the pinacle of television this week was reached with last nights four weddings on living tv. It's so trashy and embarassing to watch! Are you a fan?

On hot milk, I always ask for cold as I find hot milk leaves a foamy residue floating on my tea. But that is tea not coffee.

Ps I did humanities and my teacher gave us £10 to rip in half as a demonstration of the value of money during 1929. Seriously cool. Until we had to selatape it back up again