The sweetest idea

This is a pudding, and it is made of ice cream and looks like potted plants.

By the ever fabulous Pioneer Woman. Read her blog, cowboys, food, Basset hounds, photography and all kinds.

For step by step instructions including how to make a boy version go here.

I have been scouring t'internet for ideas for a very special lunch party I am hosting, a casual affair chez Miss P, but needs to be a little bit wow, and it is just men coming, so no need for a salad course, or cous-cous, or quiche.

suggestions if you will....


Simon said...

Proper boeuf bourgignon, goose-fat roast spuds and parsnips with curly kale. Lemon tart and very good vanilla ice-cream. Or maybe squeasel.

Miss Pickering said...

You will have to enlighten us all on the "squeasel"

If you say it is a speciality of the North of the Yorkshire, I shall hang my head in shame, I spent my childhood in t'dales, and probably should know.

Simon said...

Did you really? Actually it's a delicious Vietnamese dish:


Click on the user (ArcApex) for dozens of episodes of No Reservations - best TV food show ever.

Mother Hen said...

Steamed steak and kidney pudding, done the traditional way (takes hours but worth it), I would serve with creamy mashed potato but know your aversion to same so could do roast and some green vegetables

Simon said...

Shorter explanation here:


It also has another meaning amongst my friends: any mystery meat product of dubious origin. If somebody is chopping food aggressively one could also observe "I see the Squeasel's on today."

Lynne said...

Mmm, I saw this almost identical dessert on Martha Stewart - I wonder who did it first...http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/recipe/potted-chocolate-pudding