1 florist, 3 photographers, a caravan and that proposal

So you will remember these flowers?

Well they headed to a the wonderful Emily Quinton, who took them to an undisclosed location to shoot her first ever wedding clients Charis and Owen in a caravan. Then Charis and Owen who are now also photographers shot Emily who wanted to create the most amazing proposal photographs. Confused? Yes me too all you need to know is...

1. Emily Quinton photographed the first 2 images and is getting married
2. Charis and Owen shot the last 3 images and are already married.
3. All of these photographers are very talented.
4. Emily has set a new world standard for proposals
5. When i use the term "shot" i mean with a camera not a gun.


Emily Quinton said...

Thanks for featuring us!

I am still thrilled to be getting married and rather chuffed with my proposal! xx

Becca said...

I heart Emily's proposal, congrats.

I do LOVE a good wedding.

Miss P, those flowers are fantabulous

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feature...its lovely :D Love the points at the end too...it is a slightly confusing story with a very exciting and happy ending! ;D x Charis and Owen