Alys in wonderland

We were following in the footsteps of the lovely Alys Fowler this weekend. Her tip of nosying on over to a car boot sale in search of vegetable plants, turned out to be a good one.

I was instantly befriended by a old man who showed me the best people to buy off. Plug plants of spinach, Russian kale, purple sprouting and beetroot, were purchased. The sign said £1, but i wasn't really sure how they came, or how many you got, and i was too embarrassed to ask.
I came home and planted out 80 plants, I don't even like beetroot.

I will assert myself next time and just ask for half a bag.

Then we tweed up some daisy plants by putting them in a zinc bath, and filled a "vintage" vase with coral peonies.

The Hound planted out some dried peas, he used marrowfat is that right? Pea shoots are still en vogue he said whilst watching Great British Menu.

Was your weekend shot on a super 8 in sepia too?


Simon said...

You don't like beetroot?! send it here then, I love it...no sepia here, it was all technicolour Chinese kitsch, pickled catfish and dim-sum for me: http://tinyurl.com/339nwwq

Miss Pickering said...

Just the sight of it brings about a vinegar wince.

what do you do with it?

Did you buy a gold cat?

Simon said...

What about julienned, cooked without vinegar and dressed with fromage frais and fennel seeds though? whole different experience.

I didn't buy cats of gold or fish, but I did get some chinese madras curry paste (?!) and some other mystery goodies of questionable provenance and safety. You wouldn't believe the food-colourings aisle...