Blogging is my first love

and it will be my last. I just wanted you know that my heart belongs here on blogger with you, before i tell you that i have re-activated my Twitter account.

I promise you there will never be a Facebook Fan page.

I have been resistant to Twitter, but thought i should give it a go before dismissing it completely. I fear repetition, i fear Twitter in general, but I am looking at it as the It Takes Two, to the main Strictly Come Dancing Show. I shall ask Claudia Winkleman to present it.

I prefer blogging because it is image driven, rather than short sentences which encourage bad grammar. There are a lot of faces made of apostrophes, which i can't do, and things like LOL? So you can follow me struggle with it and find it hopelessly endearing or irritating.

I give it a week.

Follow me now, right this very minute.


p.s. we have a wedding on, the shop is full to the brim


Becca said...

Why why why for the love of god why? I'm sorry, I love the blog but Twitter is one step too far. First comes Twitter, then linked in, then second life and you end up 'married' to a man you've never met who turns out to be aging, smelly, sweaty and has baked beans on his jumper.

Miss Pickering said...

Becca I promise I will never marry a man with baked beans on his tank top. Virtual or not.

I prefer men who eat spaghetti hoops.

Mrs B said...

Look at all those pretties. Now I know why there's been a shortage of English ranuncs this week!! Hope the faeries are popping in to help out during the night.
I apologise now ....I cannot do Twitter. It's not u, it's me.... I sometimes struggle to cope with text messages.
Good luck with the mega weekend. Look forward to seeing the results xx

dana frigerio said...

me tooo...
I posted you on my blog
ciao dana