You were like my lover and my best friend

all wrapped into one with a ribbon on it.

Last night we listened to a lot of Rihanna, I like Rihanna, and Mr JT in the shower. I am that shallow.

Then there was a political debate, I hoped for more arguments, passion for their policies, fist slamming and name calling, but it was all a bit manicured. The fact that it happened at all is a good thing for British politics. Mr Clegg is the best looking, but Mr Cable would have a better chance of winning. Surprisingly Mr Brown came over better than Mr Cameron, who really needs to run his fingers through his hair. didn't he see Hugh Grant in Love Actually?

Onwards with the wedding, i cannot wait to get to the finishing touch bit, and snap away.

Dear Iceland,

You are probably the least popular country with the Brits at the moment, what with the banking fiasco and now the volcano. Could we have our airspace back? The Other Miss Pickering would like to come home from Chicago, and The Stamford Hen from New Orleans.

Merci Beaucoup or whatever

Miss P.

More pics of TheBoy Wonder over on his blog.


~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Oh, those pink centerpieces r ggooorrrgggeeeooouuusss!!! Post some more fotos plsssss!!! N the hound is looking very handsome..

Becca said...

I appologise to the hound but I just zoomed in on the flowers and ignored him completely. Tell him I'll bring ears and cake next time I'm home as an appology. The flowers are tres beautiful (seeing as how we are speaking en francais).

MrsP said...

Love your hound- I have a Saluki cross (possibly with another Saluki??) and a full Saluki too. They are the most beautiful hounds and deserve (no actually demand) spoiling. Your shop looks gorgeous.

flwrjane said...

Hope all went well with the wedding. Your shop looks so beautiful with the hound and flowers I may have to have my next wedding right there.