Button it

Buttonholes of ranunculus, dusty miller and kangaroo paw, from Saturday's wedding.

The groom wore brown.

The days of boys wearing a rose and 3 wired ivy leaves are over, and the carnation and asparagus fern wrapped in tin foil........i secretly wish this would make a come back along with the bride carrying a horseshoe. More brides should carry plastic horseshoes.

Ribbon bows are good, bare stems very good, peach is the new pink, don't be afraid to express yourself.

It will be in all the photographs for the rest of your life/ length of marriage - delete as applicable.


Amy said...

It almost makes me weep that I have found your blog now and not 3 years ago when I was getting married!

Miss Pickering said...

Dear Amy

Please don't weep.

Maybe you could use us for husband number 2?

Or renew your vows?


Miss P.

KELLY said...

boys in brown = brill.

what a beautiful buttonhole. when i see your creations i sit here and sigh...you are a true magician. one day i would like to sit and watch you at work please? me and elsa could be your tea girls : )

Becca said...

I'm going to have a plastic horse too. Why stop at the horseshoe?? Surely there's not enough plastic in a wedding??!

MrsP said...

I had a brass horse shoe- which I carted all the way from England to Kenya despite being over my baggage limit- the Masi thought it was hilarious!
Gorgeous flowers as ever...

Lynne said...

Love that buttonhole - I'm a huge fan of ranunculus - gorgeous.