Making fancy with tulips and turkey

You can put outdoor things inside, let's just get that straight. They may not last as long, but there is nothing to stop you.

You could fill your home with swathes of cosmos, or box balls if your heart so desired.

Perhaps though you should start with tulips. Bought in the green i.e. growing, and placed in plant pots at home. For the window vase i had to unpot them, and plonk them in. What about drainage? Well if you happen to be the sort of person that has grit lying around, by all means chuck a handful in the bottom. If like me you run a grit free house, just don't go mad on the watering - it ain't rocket science, but looks beautiful.

Also last night i made turkey burgers, it is a great way to use up old spices hanging around in the kitchen, I used an old tin of ZATAR, loads of herbs, breadcrumbs, and an egg to bind. Chargrilled and served with sweet potato fries and an avocado.

I made them because the turkey mince was reduced in Waitrose. I ate half the baguette whilst waiting for them to cook.

In other news the airspace is open, with possibly enormous thanks to Willie Walsh who had the chutzpah to just send his jets headlong towards Heathrow, it must have scared the living daylights out of air traffic control, but somebody had to do something.

He will doubtless of saved himself losing another £20 million today.

Having the balls to act and save his company from more debt? One wonders if he is doing anything on May 6th?

The Other Miss Pickering is to be returned to us on one of his jets on Friday. The Stamford Hen is however definitely going to qualify for US Citizenship........

I think this is the first outing of the word chutzpah on this blog.


MrsP said...

Love the word 'chutzpah'! Please use it more...
I too run a grit free home - but brought some beautiful white narsissus indoors to enjoy yesterday

Simon said...


A blend of herbs, sesame seeds and salt, for anyone else who was wondering...not sure whether such exotica has reached Yorkshire yet.

Becca said...

I don't have a garden so am growing herbs on my wondowsill and raniculus in possibly the worlds largest tub on my coffee table (I can't see the tv anymore). It's ok so far when it looks depressed I shall take to the country and plant it in my parents garden.
I'm glad the hen is qualifying for US citizenship, I'd put a request for sephora in now if I were you before it's too late

Sarahjp said...

I've been stuck in Canada for days and days. I was thinking of marrying a Mounty and getting citizenship. But your blog has reminded me of how good it is in blighty, so I will keep trying to get home! Thank you so much for the cheerful posts - they've been a godsend over the last days.

Miss Pickering said...

Mrs P. Well done on the Narcissus, i hope they are scented.

Simon. The Zatar was at the very back of the cupboard but i think it came from waitrose originally.

Becca. We need pictures

Sarah. You poor thing, is it like being in an episode of Due South? I hope hope hope you are leaving on a jet plane very soon.

Anonymous said...

Becca - scuse my ignorance but what on earth is raniculus?

Becca said...

Oh dear, did I spell it wrong. Ranniculus. One of them is huge. I bought it in London at Columbia Road for £5 (which I thought was a bargain) and carried it home on the train (on a Sunday, it had it's own seat).
I will email a picture tonight.

Miss Pickering said...

Ranunculus, ranukels, ranunnnnnnnnnnnculus - I don't know how to spell it either.

flwrjane said...

Great minds and all that....also made turkey burgers but with ricotta cheese instead of egg, few fresh herbs,dollop of dijon and a splash of worcestershire ( another hard word to spell), but served mine with a black bean and rice salad. Would have preferred sweet potato fries, next time.

Miss Pickering said...

Turkey too? Maybe it was something in the flowers?

flwrjane said...

It's me again. I'm passing on the very bright and beautiful Sunshine Award to you. Who better? ( should I have given it to the hound?)

Anonymous said...

You will win the blog competition so easily. You are super cool. i just love love love your blog