Can you imagine

spending all night worrying that the chandelier might fall on the brides head?

No? Of course it wouldn't it was firmly attached, but that doesn't stop you worrying.

These pictures were taken with a point and shoot, which i can't use because it takes 3 hours between depressing the button and the shutter going. So we will have to hope the pro pictures are good.

Why is there a pergola in the marquee?

Well the marquee was on the terrace of The Finches Arms overlooking Rutland water, by the time i went to clear the wedding the morning after, it had gone, and they were ready to serve lunch with what must be one of our area's greatest views.

In all of this excitement we forgot to discuss the McLaren 1,2, or talk about how some women accused us of stealing the flowers, and called the flower scissors we had in our pockets "lethal weapons"

Have any planes left yet? Will i ever see my sister again?


hanmade said...

stunning flowers! fab blog!
you've got my vote!
han x

Mrs B said...

Love, love love the chandelier. Beautiful flowers. Think you've outdone yourself here. I know that view... I was treated to a picnic close by during mine and Mr B's first year together. I remember the view & the jelly..... combined with your flowers it must have felt like heaven. Lucky lucky bride.
Please tell all about the accusing ladies. I like the sound of that one ; ) xxx
p.s. Just heard airports are open. Hope your loved ones are back with you soon
p.p.s. Tried to vote for the second time from the shop computer.... one of my girls beat me to it!

flwrjane said...

Whoa, that is one charming ( dare I say precious?)wedding. Love the containers, want the chandelier. I always enjoy a little in house fight when setting up an event.
Got a vote in at the shop. Must find more computers.

KELLY said...

i like your dreamy point and press photos and you certainly worked your magic with those flowers. the happy couple must have been delighted...that chandelier is amazing!

my brother is stuck overseas too. but quite content with an extra 9 days holiday in the sunshine at the expense of easyjet. hope your loved ones come home to roost soon! xX

Gemma Mortlock said...

oooh i love the chandelier very romeo and juliet!
I just stumbled upon your blog through Dorset cereal, they keep emailing me the chance to win a camper van and setting my heart all a flutter only to tell me im a loser and no i havent won the campervan of my dreams damn them!
I love your blog and your little shop...and the hound...well he is just the most gorgeous thing ever...more gorgeous than George clooney (but not as sexy ha!)
Well done on being top of the leader board and so nice to stumble upon you... i am now an avid follower.
Wishing you a great week.