Miss P. and the case of the missing tree

We put plants and things outside the shop to make it look pretty.

This is demonstrated by the amazing painting of the shop by my friend Joanna Aldred.

Last night i left a tree outside the shop. This happens a lot.

The tree was rescued by a kind lady called Sarah, and taken to the pub for the evening, where it was bought a pizza and a jug of ale.

Then it was returned this morning by the landlord Will.

That's the thing about Stamford, it is just full of lovely people.

Tomorrow is happening, you can get the excitement first on Twitter (sorry Becca), and i will try and get here too and fill you all in.

The Hound has gone for a shampoo and set and a spray tan. I am listening to Hall and Oates.

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Mrs B said...

I'm very envious of your lovely little town. Trees, full baskets of plants and even my entire wedding foliage patio garden have gone missing up here.....I suspect that they are also taken to the pub...the diference is, they are never returned.

I am excited for you and for a second considered looking into twitter. It feels like a very slippery slope though and I'm not brave enough.

Hope you're enjoying it - whatever it is - I will have patience for the big reveal xx

Becca said...

Oh my god. I was just mentioned on.the.blog.
Tres excitement.
I hope the tree was brought a packet of crisps and made to sit in the beer garden because it doesn't look a very old tree.

Gemma Mortlock said...

Lovely little painting, your friend is very talented!
You have me listening to Hall and Oats now!!! Private Eyes are watching you.... do.... do.. hugs Gem xxxx

flwrjane said...

The tree got to go drinking? I hope it didn't drink out of a bottle or a pint glass.

I'm not so sure about twitter, tho' I don't feel as strongly about it as you do about the Face Book badge. I am mulling it over though....

Becca said...

Just seen Twitter. You're like, a total celebrity. Maybe you'll get your own tv show. You'll get one of those posh tv chairs that says Miss P on the back