And the winner is.........

My goddaughter randomly selected Just Original from an oasis bowl.
And look at that face, nobody argues with Lottie.
I love this child, i love her more as she as at the age where she always has her beautiful mother attached. This means i am not responsible for wiping chocolate off her face.

So congratulations to Just Original, email in your address and we will send out your goodies. The hound had been upstairs at Equilibrium all day, having an inch loss wrap, and a facial in readiness for a new photograph just for you. he has also had many visitors today, including a couple who came all the way from North Lincolnshire to meet him.

It is all going to his head, he is in talks with Wembley Arena demanding a bed of Egyptian cotton and only blue smarties.

The sandwiches having been keeping us all entertained for days, and a few deserve a mention, not cereal though.

For the longest reply ever: Becca x
For the shortest reply: Simon
Taste sensation as voted for by The Hound: Mrs B and her peanut butter
My favourite: Twinkleberry
For reminding me that once upon a time there was such a thing as Tudor Crisps: Harriet Hat Peg
For joining in with the spirit of things even though the giveaway had closed, and because i went to school with her: Jenny Rudd
For sheer sneakiness: Madame Poulet, aka The Mother Hen

We could start a recipe book, have a look over all the replies, and perhaps make one for a light snack over the weekend?

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Just Original said...

Yeh, I'm a winner!


Vanessa x