A garden wedding

This is the first of our "jam jar" weddings.

There are to be many more this year.

I hope the sun keeps shining.

It is not too late to enter our cereal based giveaway. Entries close ce soir at 6pm BST.

What will you do this weekend do you think? Might you be thinking about rehoming a dog? Will you be all eyes on Monaco? Cooking? gardening? Trying to work out why brides use mirror tiles? Taking photographs for fun?

The winner will be announced tomorrow. The Hound is offering to make the winners favourite sandwich for me.


MrsP said...

I love jam jars full of flowers- jam jars featured at my wedding too as the tealight lanterns marking the pathway to the house. This weekend?? Oh! Chatsworth Horse Trials!! not competeing you understand- just spectating probably with one of their fab farm shop cornish pasties in one hand and a glass of something in the other- glad you reminded me must go polish my wellies- enjoy your wedding

Becca said...

I'm on my holidays in the lakes. Been a bit rainy today but still went out and up. Fresh air after city life, reminds me of home. I bought a new camera last weekend so I've been lying on the grass wiggling around trying to look artistic. 'he' wasn't amused because we were outside for longer.
Am now drinking tea from a cup and saucer lying in a Georgian window being all pride and prejudice.
Love the flowers. I've got a jam jar of just herbs and one muscari (it was bent with all the rain and I couldn't just leave it could I) on my windowsill.
Have a very lovely jamjar filled weekend.

Valley Flower Company said...

ohhhhhh I have SO many jam jar weddings this year! Yours are lovely...as usual :)

Mother Hen said...

So, so pretty and .....
in my garage this morning I have discovered a whole bag full of jam jars. Yours for the taking! xxxx