Beauty and the Beast

Preparations for parties and weddings, all the prettiness.

And The Boy Wonder, who is grumpy. So very grumpy.

Something is up. Paris is calling.

Last night whilst collecting foliages i discovered the full extent of the damage he had done the night before. Upturned willow wigwams, a whole patch of astrantia flattened, squashed lettuces, and a hole.


Twinkleberry said...

hmmm, the hound and the lovely little Miss P have been in cahoots - she rummaged around in a whole tray of carefully tended erigeron seedlings this morning ........ And that aside - I'm so envious of your beautiful Delphiniums!

flwrjane said...

Ouch. Bad, bad hound.

You have (had) astrantia? one of my favorites, but it's not in my garden. Yours either apparently.

A hole? China is calling!

Simon said...

Maybe he's still cross that you didn't take him to Chelsea? Next year: white stick and dark glasses for you, sneak him in like a Trojan guide dog.

Jules said...

Oh you can see he is sorry and is promising not to do it again......at least not before next week!!!!

We gave up gardens the day our first sight hound took up residence!

Tracy x said...

hounds are not good gardeners... this is why i have just grass and hound holes....
t x