Housewives' choice

This blog has lost it's rhythm this week, I apologise. We will be more timely next week.

We had an electricity problem today.
We didn't have any.
Most of the town was affected.
People are blaming the Tories.

Here is some greenery i cut earlier for the wedding. Poppy, rosemary, thyme, honeysuckle,mint, marjoram, and another thing i can't identify.

and another picture of our dear Alan. I am delighted that you all share my penchant for men from t'dales.

Isn't he lovely? I have even forgiven him for that dark time known as "Ground Force"

More hair flowers on Friday


Becca said...

Oh Miss P. Maggie is local, let's not be hasty in blame.

Rubbish day, left my housekeys at work and forgot the security number to get in out of hours. And now junior apprentice is on. The day just gets worse.

Excellent herbs. Lucky bride

Mrs B said...

This evening Matthew....... I want to be Mary McCartney.

Dare I say I prefer Joe to Alan?? Alan is a British Institution, no denying. I can also forgive him for Ground Force but I'm afraid not for those romantic novels or that dreadful talk show with the silk flower and plastic topiary set.

I got caught cutting someone else's copper beech this evening! Xx