How to wear flowers in your hair - the cheat's guide part 1

You don't have to fancy floristry skills to wear flowers in your hair, you can cheat. They won't last as long, but if it is for a night out, or just for wearing whilst you do the laundry, who's to know the difference?

1. You will need a glittery alice band, a bit of ribbon, a piece of thin wire or sellotape, and some small flower heads, in this case i have gone for white delphinium flowers.

2. Group together a few heads and twist the wire, or thin sellotape them together.

3. Wire this cluster onto the alice band, and cut the stems short.

4. Tie on a piece of ribbon to hide the workings, and tie a little bow.

5. Wear with panache.

6. Make an appointment to get your roots done and clean soil from underneath your fingernails(this step applies to me, and me alone)
Calling this post Part 1, would suggest there is a Part 2.
Next week.


Mother Hen said...

Loving it xxx

KELLY said...

fabulous. i think you should call a day where we all join in and post photos? xX

Miss Pickering said...

Kelly, what a marvellous idea.

Wear flowers in your hair day.

Sometime in June do you think?

KELLY said...

yippee! wait for me to get back from ireland please...anytime after the 9th. i shall have a practice with lilacs and spread the word on my blog. x

Jules said...

How did you know I always wear flowers in my hair when I am doing the laundry!!!!

flwrjane said...

Can I skip the flowers in the hair and just pose for the dirty nail day?

Simon said...

Not a chance.

{Love, Love, Love} said...

What a lovely idea!

PS - what car boot sale do you go for your plants, please? x

Becca said...

I want to join 'flowers in your hair' day but can we make it a Saturday as I'm not sure (a) my employer or (b) the judge if applicable will understand my need for creative expression.
Headbands give me a headache (I have an abnormally large head circumfrance) so will try attaching to hair slide clip thing.
Is part 2, how to make them last longer? (answer buy it from a florist??)

Anonymous said...

this is adorable ! i love it.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh this is a luffly idea --- thank you

Miss Pickering said...

Kelly - i think it should be the last friday in june?

Jane - Everyday is a soil underneath the nails day.

Becca - There aren't enough flowers in legal circles, i have this on very good authority.

Julienne - Bravo!

Devon dumpling - There are a few round here, Stamford, Melton, Bottesford. You need to search the old men with allotments, they bear great treasure and advice.

Simon - Spoilsport

Bramblenotebook and sooz - Thank you, the season of flower wearing is upon us. x

Concha said...


I'm going to a wedding soon where I'll need to sport something yellow. As yellow is my least favourite colour (makes my skin look olive green) I'm thinking accessories.

Today I finished sewing a striped yellow & white clutch. Now I want a yellow flowery band to match!

Zoe, Conversation Pieces said...

Ah fabulous... will so be trying to steal flowers from the local park for this! (Is that wrong??)