Labouring under false pretenses

I am not green fingered, I should hate you to think i had a vast knowledge of plants and their care.

The garden looks very green, but pretty at the moment, predominantly due to a large herb bed. Rosemary, sage, thyme, and mint need no great care and who would spend time sowing seeds of lollo rosso, when you can buy 10 plug plants at the garden centre for £1? I do sow some more exotic lettuces which do seem to be taking an age to germinate, but for instant gratification, some green and red lollo rosso in a terracotta pot is perfection. Within 2 weeks they will be at size that is just about passable to eat for a solo lunch. Provided you water them, more plants die of thirst in my garden than i will ever admit to.

I went back to the car boot sale and purchased plug plants of sweetcorn, Cavolo nero and some dwarf french beans. I haven't the patience for seeds that need sowing indoors, and i haven't the space for it all. Let someone else do that, and reap the benefits of their hard work.

I also found a sewing machine, isn't it pretty? No it isn't electric, and i haven't a clue how to use it, but it does have the manual, and the needle goes up and down so there is hope. It was £2, i would have paid somebody £20 to carry it back to the car for me, but they don't have porters. My right arm is now a foot longer than the left. Next time I am taking a boy.

Also here are some pretty flowers.

Did you have a good weekend?

and yes I also found another Dartmouth swan to add to my collection.


Unknown said...

No green fingers here either. Oh, how I love a lush garden though. My herb garden usually grows like weed, but everything else is pretty iffy. Your flowers are gorgeous, all my faves. Thanks for sharing!

KELLY said...

pretty sewing machine! i see it as a good prop...beautifully made and nice to look at. and at £2 a steal! i say do the stitching on a little john lewis bargain and let the vintage singer take the credit! x

bxcolby said...

That sewing machine is gorgeous - worth £2 just to look at! However, if you do want to use it my mum uses a similar one - she even made curtains on it!

Foxanddahlia said...

I like the new header pic, it is no good I am going to have to give into temptation and buy Aly's book, I got rather hooked on her and Izzy in her TV programme.

Lovely blog as always.

x x

MrsP said...

That sewing machine is gorgeous- much nicer than my modern plasticy one that I can't get to work anyway (most probably me not the machine) talking of lush gardens I went back to the old house for the first time since the tenant moved out yesterday- mowing grass apparently wasn't her strong point- or weeding or watering- so I have quite a bit to do over the next couple of weeks- no wonder it's not selling!! I'm so envious of that sewing machine. I love that new header too!