Majolica rose x 4

It's really the same photograph 4 times.

Laziness or what?

Today a customer made me cry, and not in a good way.

Then Mrs B emailed me with a tale of practically the same events.
I don't think she cried, she is way more elegant than i am.

We'll cover it another time.

I brought my lunch in today, a sandwich of creole roasted chicken, avocado, cucumber, homegrown spinach, squeeze of lemon, drizzle of EVO, all in a toasted pitta bread (white)

I ate it at 10.07 am

We have danced to this song, and The Hound has been making mischief.


flwrjane said...

x 4 and white scabiosa? Two of my favorites! Tell me who it was and I'll go get 'em.

When someone is mean at work they always call me out. I may be 5'2, blue eyed and blonde, but I'm a terror. Apparently i have a "look" that's very scary. I'd be pleased to use it on your behalf.

Becca said...

Not in a good way? In a strange way I hope it's an angry way rather than a sad news type of way. Anger is infinately better than sad news as anger disolves with a cup of tea and a caramel digestive (in my experience) whereas sad news doesn't.
My lunch was two doorstep pieces of buttery toast, tea and some jelly totts. Ok, that was breakfast because I only just woke up. Lazy lazy days.

Mayesh International said...

Lok at you with your Orlaya Grandiflora!
I am jealous...such a beautiful delicate flower
Love your work, David

Oh My! Floral said...


I will break knees, if need be. Channeled anger across an ocean is nothing this person could possibly expect.

-{hugs} from the girls.

MrsP said...

what did he/she do to make you cry- grrrr - we'll all gang up on them! Didn't the hound leap to his mistress's defense? At least you are the shop owner and you can bar them for life and put a notice on the door saying so =O) Have a bottle of wine in a bubble bath tonight- that seems to be my answer to everything today...

Janet said...

At least you were dancing, and to the best song at that, cannot fail to make me dance. 10.07 is pretty good going, were you the one who ate their sandwiches on the bus on a school trip?

Mother Hen said...

Dear Janet,
Just to advise you, Miss P was the one who swapped many of her healthy lunches,home baked brown bread with healthy fillings, (sesame snaps, halva, carrot batons, grapes and the like) for white bread paste sandwiches and chocolate biscuits!

Denise Fasanello said...

First of all those roses are lovely. I love using them. Second, I hate hearing about that nasty customer! I was in tears recently too over one too. But third, that sandwich sounds awesome. xo

Mrs B said...

Surprisingly I didn't cry today but I did huff, puff, and swear a lot.... not so elegant.
Have u ever been brave enough to show someone the door? Wish I had a few times.

On a much more interesting subject..... your mid morning sandwich.....what is EVO please? Xxxxxx

Mrs B said...

EVO..... Just got it!!! I was on the Umami train of thought, thinking it was a fancy new ingredient......now I can sleep xxx

Sarahjp said...

The Hound needs to perfect a very straight look for difficult customers and scare them off...