Men I would like to eat chips with. Part 1

We have covered the men i would like to eat tuna carpaccio with

and so a new series, Men I would like to eat chips with.

Because every uptown girl needs a downtown boy.

I'd eat chips out of a paper bag with Gene Hunt, even on the street.


Becca said...

Mr Darcy but the Bridget Jones version. Or Hugh Grant. Posh boys like chips too. With scraps

Seacilin said...

I'm with you on Gene Hunt. I know it's wrong, but god he's sexy.

Mrs B said...

Jack Bauer..... I also think that George Clooney likes chips!! Xxxxx

Mother Hen said...

That clip has to be up there with iconic tv moments, think of the cast when they were filming that scene, I would imagine it was hilarious. Gene Hunt, not my usual type but..........if you have got it, you have got it!!!!! xxxx