I can feel it

coming in the air tonight.

Does Phil Collins still live in Switzerland?

Today is a strange day, people are behaving oddly.

A bride wanted to book my services for 2014. she said she wanted to save up for the wedding of her dreams.

I asked her if she wanted a wedding or the marriage. I was feeling that way inclined. It was the her rather than our bit. Big clue.

The chances of anyone being together at the end of a four year engagement are slim.

I generally like to work to a maximum lead time of 18 months, these brides are more relaxed, and their mood boards are smaller.

We are eating pistachio and almond biscuits from M and S, they could do with a layer of chocolate, a thick layer.

I very nearly uttered the phrase "Don't you know who i am?" today.

But i didn't, i really can't be that person.

I just smiled, smiling hides a multitude of sins.

Is it happy hour yet?


Becca said...

2014??! Blooming Nora. I'm not engaged but maybe she's thinking 2012 has too many sporting events and 2013 has a 13 in it. Or maybe she wants a gypsy wedding and it'll take four years to sew the sequins on a 40ft train. ANYWAY, I'm sure they'll be together after four years....unless he gets bored of the 'me' and 'my'. Cripes.

Please do my wedding flowers when he finally proposes, i'm normal and don't have a 12 x 12 foot mood board (yet).

It's Friday, no one will notice if you detour to the pub. But wouldn't recommend, it'll be full of drunken boys chanting England songs. I am so BORED of the world cup already.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Some days as just like that aren't they...It must be interesting to meet all these different brides and hear about the ideas they have. My husband and I organised everything ourselves and it turned out just the way we had hoped for.

I read about you in a magazine some weeks ago, very interesting!

Have a lovely strange free weekend!
Warm wishes
Isabelle x

bxcolby said...

I had the opposite problem; bridal shops were horrified I was starting to dress shop a mere six months before the wedding.

That said, when I picked up my dress two weeks ago a bride-to-be was bringing her dress back to be altered and the wedding wasn't for another 18months. I was a bit confused by that (four years bends my mind).

Foxanddahlia said...

It is very much "happy hour" here,. Just back from dropping my daughter to her Dad, they are sailing this weekend. Very dark threatening clouds on way home, think we maybe due a thunder storm, I love them, sadly my 2 dogs do not, may be a long night, where is the corkscrew?


flwrjane said...

I had a strange one today. She needed a buffet piece to go one a zebra print cloth. I had black philodrendon leaves and striped dracena canes, brown antheriums and a wonderful tangle of budding curly willow. She looked horrified. I said I thought anyone with an animal print cloth would enjoy a wild arrangement. She told me the cloth was not her style all, and she was hungry and needed lunch and she left. ???

Anonymous said...

Is it really necessary to publicly ridicule someone who was obviously a great fan of your work ? Seemed a little harsh to me . Still love your work.