These arms of mine

Yesterday this wedding was made to the tunes of Buena Vista Social Club.

At 6am, when i started the bouquets it was Otis Redding.

They were heavily scented, mint and lemon balm, freesia and jasmine.

During their first bridal consulatation the groom brought me a chocolate malteser bunny.

do you have plans for the weekend?

We are going to live on the edge, and not set the alarm.


Becca said...

Plans are to find the perfect pair of shoes that don't pinch and not to eat the packet of biscuits that's calling to me. My best friend is getting married so I'm having a dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress. Exciting times

The flowers are beautiful. I'm humming 'woman on a mission', I don't know who it's by.

megan said...


Anonymous said...

It's about time I left a comment on your lovely blog :)

The flowers look absolutely delightful Miss P!

This weekend I am making elderflower cordial, as I have an abundant elderflower tree in the garden. And on the theme of weddings I am shopping for a dress for a reception.

Mrs B said...

I will be shopping for bodyshaping and scaffolding items for my bridesmaid duties (twice in two weeks) considering semi permanent false lashes..... thoughts please, and packing my rucksack for Glastonbury. Enjoy the bliss of your lie in xxx

Lula said...

oh delicious, I could eat them with a spoon.
Sorry- the diet I've just started has already made me loopy.
chocolate malteaser bunny... yummmm
(the colours in the first one have a hint of choclateyness with the darker leaves- chocolate as floral inspiration?)

I will be rising with the alarm- haven't been to a carboot for weeks/

Jenny Rudd said...

plans for weekend include but not limited to:
making roast chicken for my little family
soaking in the hot tub under a rainy sky

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous smorgeous. As one blogger has already mentioned - they look good enough to eat.
I love the mint and lemon balm - yum!

Janet said...

what a lovely wedding! I need to jam to my "Stars of the Buena Vista Social Club" CD soon...