In the shop today

Carnival glass bowls of cherries, and urns of mottled hydrangea. I was being virtuous having the cherries for my lunch, but somebody just brought me the biggest piece of dark and white chocolate cake....

It is boiling out there today, but the shop is freezing, our ancient stone walls have their advantage.People are coming in to cool down.

A gentleman came in to order flowers for his wife's birthday, they have been married 53 years. He didn't actually look that much older than 53 to me, but then that has always been my problem.

He was actually 75, the secret of his youthful looks is bicycling.

The Hound has gone to buy a tandem.


Urbanstems said...

So that is the secret..ha! Im off to the bicycle shop too then!! Loving your blog and your shop looks brill..Sinead

karan Sheahan said...

I don't know you but I love you!!! is that too weird!!

Anonymous said...

great photos miss p