New balls please

Several people have asked me if the shop will be open this afternoon.

England are playing potentially their last game in the World Cup, it starts at 3pm, apparently some shops are closing.

Do I look like the sort of gal that watches football?

Retailers are obviously not holding out much luck for our dear team, England flags are now reduced to a pitiful 10p, this could be the last chance to sell them.

Why is that on the continent flags flying from cars seems fine, but here it just looks chavvy?

Tennis however.....

Poor Wimbledon seems to be a bit overshadowed this year, any sport where they serve strawberries and cream and Pimms gets my vote.

Next week we are planning a Floral Spectacular Spectacular in the shop. A sight never before seen. It will be great fun, and well worth a visit to the shop, bring your friends and a camera.

Also it was the budget here yesterday, and whilst i know this is a haven from all that is political and economical, and I should just stick to talking about fluffy kittens, I concur with Mr Naylor. Such a wise man.

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Jessame said...

I very much agree, plus aren't tennis outfits so much more flattering for the girls than football shirts and jeans hmm? Think I may have to go buy a retro tennis skirt now. Thanks for the point of inspiration!

ps flowers if you please!