A seemingly virtuous supper

Bruschetta or stuff on toast.

Slice day or two old sourdough or other fancy paysan bread.
Rub with a garlic clove and slosh on a bit of olive oil.
Lightly wilt some homegrown spinach and lay on top.
Add big hunks of roasted butternut squash.
Locate the stinkiest cheese in the fridge, gorgonzola in this case, add.
Drizzle with olive oil again to style it up

Nothing wrong with that, all the food groups, homegrown, suitable even for Miss Dahl.

But what if i told you that rather than pouring olive oil over the toast, I pressed the toasted bread into the hot sticky, sage and garlic flavoured juices of a freshly roasted piece of rolled belly pork? and then spooned a bit more on for good measure?

I have no idea what happened to the extra crispy bit of crackling on the edge of the joint.

I blame The Hound.


Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Emmmmm yum.

Mother Hen said...

Divine either way xxx

flwrjane said...

Miss Pickering, You and the hound have arrived in the USA (again) via Housemartin.

It's very exciting to see my girl and her dog in all their glory and I presume the fabulous pics are from the magazine?

Oh, dinner sounded delish too.

xoxo Jane

Jules said...

Now my keyboard is covered in drool!!!!!

Jen Loves Joy said...

I love your blog, I can't remember how I found it, but I just love it. It makes my mouth water and inspires me. I have given you a huge lot of love on my next post on rockmywedding.co.uk (published this Thurs)

Jenny xx