The best things come in small packages

A wedding for 24.

The coolest couple.

I like weddings where everyone sits on the same table.

Much less political.

I am so behind on tomorrows big christening, scarily behind.

I did put the chairs back neatly, it's hard to stretch over glassware to put flowers in place. One of the perils of the job.


flwrjane said...

I hope everything is coming together for the big christening tomorrow. if I was there I'd be helping.

Wonder what music we'd be listening to?

I thought I was the only one who had that same problem placing the centerpieces.

We are not alone.

Mrs B said...

Love the colours with the panelling. It makes me want to light my 'Library' scented candle.

Hope you've made up some time this afternoon and don't have to pull an all nighter. A mega Christening....very rare so look forward to photos.

I'm just clocking off....lovely Martha Stewart inspired cream and yellow affair up here today in my favourite Country House Hotel....the cake was my highlight...will mail you a photo later.

Don't work too hard xxx

Anonymous said...

Come now, Miss Pickering. The big christening expects. Is it at the BIG house? I too can't wait to see the photos.

Mother Hen at Sea said...

A true Miss P style wedding, so, so lovely xxxx

Wellies and Vogue said...

a wedding of 24 - how lovely and intimate..

Flowers look beautiful - love the colours and rustic romance of them.. I bet they smell divine.

Good luck with the christening - I know how you feel I'm so behind at the moment with everything! hey ho..