Coloured table linen

is money better spent than chair covers.

That is my top tip of the day.

But only if you go for the nice chairs.

and you get the table linen from somewhere tres bon


KELLY said...

ooo la la! so very fine miss p. what beautiful arrangements...as ever. we made all our napkins for my wedding and still use them for dinner. as do a lot of our guests. oh and my mum made a quilt out of some too! x

flwrjane said...

They're very big into the colored linens here with a sheer overlay in another color and pattern. Whew. Who needs flowers, it's dizzy making.

Your flowers are not dizzy making, they are serene and elegant.

First day back to work for me after holiday. Best to stop reading your blog and go put on a little makeup .

bornay said...


bxcolby said...

Completely agree!

We met with a linen company just over a week ago and apparently when chair covers and linen were first brought into the uk, they were all coloured and white came in later.

Sadly our venue has horrid chairs so we're going with black stretch lycra and hessian tablecloths; for the contrast (to see a photo click below...)

My Life of Domestic Bliss said...

Beautiful! Love your blog.