The moment I wake up

before i put on my make-up,

I say a little prayer for you.

When a gospel choir sings this at the church, you know this was no ordinary wedding.

Yes that is gypsophilia.

There is more.

Contain yourselves.


Mrs B said...

Oh my! I'd have been in floods in the churchyard. I adore that song xx

Becca said...

I was waiting for the 'more' before commenting but then I zoomed in on the bridesmaid dresses and SWOONSVILLE

Swoonsville is the word of le jour.

Just not in French.

I also like adding the word bag after a word but that is negative and I'm not really in a negative mood today.

I adore Polly's pics so am waiting eagerly.

Jules said...

Was the pale pink rose for the bridesmaids? Soooo beautiful!