Gone Sailing

If you are reading this, than we have done it.

Escaped the madness of the wedding season for a few days, and made passage to the high seas.

The Hound, not in possession of any sea legs, has decided to stay and partake in the hospitality offered by a black greyhound.

I fear mischief.

Back on Thursday, for a catch up.



Sherri B. said...

Have a very relaxing and a well deserved getaway. There is a rumor that The Hound told my Jack and Maggie that he would miss you but has decided to really try to be on his best behavior.

KELLY said...

oo la la! bon voyage!! so pleased you are having a nice break by the sea...so good for the soul.

have a fantastic holiday! kiss kiss.

flwrjane said...

Hope you're having fun.

It's lonely and not quite as lovely without you.

Kay said...

three blogs/websites i have looked at have shown your name today....so i looked you up and so glad i did....what a fab shop/dog/blog/outlook on life you have...definately the best thing i've seen for ages....hope you find your shore legs and the hound gives up on the greyhound..x

Stefania said...

Hello Miss Pickering!
I came across your shop a few days ago while wondering in Stamford (I'm Italian and just moved to Stamford)...I felt in love with your shop and went to see if you had a website...and I found a blog too...even better!

I hope to meet you soon!