Secrets to a marvellous mini break

1. Spend it at sea.
2. In the company of people you cherish
3. Sail around the Cornish shores and stop off in Falmouth, twee by the sea.
4. Tie up on millionaires row, and ogle the big boats
5. Marina lights twinkling, dance to Kayne West on the flybridge
6. Read a geeky book - The Ocean Railway by Stephen Fox
7. Receive texts from The Boy Wonder detailing what a fabulous time he is having.
8. Eat cream teas and drink wine.
9. Ignore the people who admonish you for closing the shop. 2 days people, it was only 2 days.
10. Plan the next one.


Foxanddahlia said...

Ahoy there, glad to hear that your sea adventure was a great one.
Hope you get your land legs back ok!

Becca from the blog said...

Oh Miss P I am glad you had a nice time but I have missed you.
My boy has gone away now until after Christmas and my life is being dictated to by Skype.
Can I send myself flowers or is that pathetic? Assume there will be no gerberas in the said sum.
Maybe I will get me a boat to sail away on

Sherri B. said...

Don't you dare listen to those horrid people about your shop! Even The Hound understood!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh yes, please!!
A perfect holiday.

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Pleased you had a good time.We all need a break at times. Please can we see more photos of your lovely shop. I have the flowers shop book which you are in. I run my business from my cottage so can pick what I do and when I go away.I love your style of flowers etc;

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

You shut your shop...

flwrjane said...

Here's hoping someday i will be one of the people you cherish so i can come along too.

Looks beautiful, sounds marvelous and makes me want to come to England, now that summer's here, even more.

HRH Sarah said...

Amen, sister! That sounds heavenly, wish I could sail around awhile. Those little pennant/garlands will be featured at my next party~ whenever that may be....

Emily Quinton said...

Sounds heavenly!
Our trip was too. Even in the rain. I long to back down there xx