Don't get me wrong

If I'm getting so distracted.
I'm thinking about the fireworks
that go off when you smile.

This is the song i heard at 4.16am, I have been singing it all day.

The video is of Pride and Prejudice the Keira Knightley one, where a bit of it was filmed at Burghley House.

Which is where the Horse Trials are
next week.

Weirdly all dovetailing.

Also the flowers are changing crocosmia seed heads, sedum,and poppy heads herald the start of Autumn.

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Becca said...

I didn't twig which song until I started humming don't get me wroooooonnnnnng and then said 'neon lights' outloud.

Apparently singing in an open plan office (even at lunch) is not a good thing.

I like autumn because it is my birthday (the boy has your details from whence to send me flowers) but I am upset because I do so PREFER spring and summer scents.

I have my waxed jacket, hunters and hair brush (for back combing purposes) in preparation for the horse trials.

Ps Colin made a much better Mr Darcy despite being called Colin in real life-don't you think?