Torn and frayed

I made the pastry myself this time. Can you tell?

A cheese and tomato tart. The secret is a a thin layer of Dijon mustard in the base and a handful of breadcrumbs to soak up the tomato juices. Layer tomato and goats cheese in concentric circles, or just pile it all in, season, chuck on some fresh herbage, and a good glug of olive oil.

It is a very forgiving tart.

In other news.

We discovered the reason why Gordon Ramsay should stick to shouting at restaurant owners in the U.S. They do however serve Hendrick's. Click on the link you'll love it.

Trust me.


Sherri B. said...

I love the look of rustic tarts..haven't been brave enough to do it yet though. Yours looks very good.

Elle Plummer said...

Hendrick's is definitely the best - served with cucumber. I could really do with one now actually! x

Helen said...

Sounds (and looks) delicious. That's tomorrow's dinner sorted then. x

flwrjane said...

Now that's a tart I could love ( so to speak).

Has it stopped raining? Are your windows still down?

Mrs Mac said...

Yum, your tart looks delicious. It looks like it should be a photo from a recipe book.
As I went to get some bits and bobs from Tescos this morning, I noticed that they have a 'Limited Edition' Italian Sandwich range. Included in this is a Lasagne Sandwich.
It made me feel quite queasy at 7:45am this morning!.

JustJaneGrace said...

Thank you for an idea for dinner tonight. It was easy to make and my husband and I both liked it. The Dijon was an interesting touch. I baked it at 450F for about 20 minutes. Keep the recipes coming!