Du Pain, Du Vin et Du.....


This was the wedding where they named their tables after cheeses. Gourmet.

I love cheese, I don't need du pain, just du vin and a knife.

The venue has the best staircase i have ever seen, a good staircase would be high on my list of priorities if choosing a venue.

Something is brewing in Stamford, yesterday one of my favourite customers came in to enquire about wedding flowers for himself.

This morning i had to track down a lady on behalf of a man she dined with last night, to deliver her a bouquet of hydrangea, roses, poppy heads and cotinus. Cotinus is the sexiest foliage ever, gets them every time.

My cupid's bow and arrow is armed and ready for all who require a little help.

One Valentine's day i had a book of love poems to inspire the gentlemen into writing cards that would steal the hearts of their intended. Several woman were so bowled over by their husbands sudden romantic behaviour they assumed he was having an affair.

A weekend of mischief, and heartstopping kisses to you all.


Jules said...

flowers as usual just beautiful!

flwrjane said...

Thank God someone's keeping the blog world smokey and sexy.

I'm busy bleating on about the end of the world as we know it.

I like it better here.

xo Jane

Becca said...

Oooohhh cupid me! cupid me!

I want to swoosh down a staircase (I don't care about the rest of it or the dress or anything) to the boy when he gets back from the jungle.

So if you could cupid him also that would be great.

If you can't manage enough arrows to get me a staircase, do you have enough for him to fly home to lie on the sofa with me and watch mind numbing saturday night television?

I'd take simple pleasures in lieu of a staircase these days

Unknown said...

Heavenly balustrades, seductive flowers, cupid's arrows and cheese - what a delectable post! Will take a nap in a darkened room to recover.

Anonymous said...

Ah...I do believe there is an incurable romantic lurking and I love every minute of it - with those beautiful creations how could you not be?
Perfect! - Suzi