A rolling stone gathers no moss and other tales from the weekend.

I think it is safe to say that the garden has gone to pot.

More an edible jungle than an edible garden. The caterpillars have moved in,feasted on the kale and are now having a postprandial indulgence on the purple sprouting.

I am scared of caterpillars, in a run past the infected plants very quickly sort of way.

The beetroot looks lovely, as do the runner beans. Only the runner beans were supposed to be dwarf French beans.

I don't like runner beans, perhaps you do? Pop to the shop next week, you are most welcome to them.

Sweet and juicy yellow tumbling toms are adding a fancy touch to salads, but all the lettuces have bolted.

My one triumph, courgette flowers, wait patiently to be cooked and bitten into. Warm, soft lemony ricotta cheese and a crisp tempura batter.

It's the stuff dreams are made of.


Mother Hen said...

I have the ricotta if you do the batter xxx

flwrjane said...

Our gardens sound alike except we are missing any more tomatoes.

Perhaps they have fled to you. We have the most hideous beetles on the eggplant. Unfortunately they aren't going anywhere. Well maybe straight to hell when I get off the computer and go out and stomp "em.

xo jane

Salvage Thread said...

Am enjoying your blog, and your prose, S x