Scenes from the shop today

I have spared you the photograph of the entire cup of coffee i spilt in my handbag.

I have been painting the window, this involves climbing right into it, and being on view to all who pass.

Everybody becomes a comedian.

"You've missed a bit love"

"You can pop round and do mine as well if you like"

"You don't want to do it like that"

I pretend i can't hear them through the glass, and just smile and wave.

The shop is coming on at a snails pace.


bxcolby said...

Love the black next to the stone(?) I spent all last week dabbing black/off black samples on the walls of our kitchen (which also has a stone fireplace.) Fab.

Unknown said...

Wow! I love that colour blue. It is the colour I've been carrying around in my head for ages, what I would love to paint my front door. Can you tell me the make and colour please? It's also like the colour of the front door on the Mistresses (irish one's) cottage ... dunno if you watch the new series? lou x

Becca said...

I am also loving Marina. The boy put 'i am not a robot' on my mixed tape before he went to the jungle.

Can you put 'mixed tapes' on the 'i am loving wall' because everyone loves a mixed tape

And Ms Polly Alexandre HRH too

I'm going to get my own 'currently loving' blackboard.

Mine will say I am loving mixed tapes, blithering, film and making jam

Unknown said...

Love that blue, can't wait to see you finished shop. Kx

KELLY said...

exciting! when can i come see the finished article? x

mixed tapes are awesome...totally agree with becca. we should all do a swap.

and lou i am with you on the mistresses prog. how very predictable it all is but i'm watching too and liking the door. how weird her daughter is called elsa...it just sounds so strange to me hearing it said on telly (our new baby's name)

blackboard paint. i would like some in my kitchen for my oh so long lists of things. must do it is only to pretend i'm a teacher! x

Mrs B said...

My new woodwork is almost the same colour.... touch more grey blue than blue grey.
Gotta love the comedy of the general public......ever heard "you shouldn't have" or "are those for me?" whilst delivering a bouquet?
I saw Marina at Glastonbury.....not impressed, sorry all.
My shop transformation is still not complete....maybe by Mothers' Day?! xxx

flwrjane said...

Kind of of unfair to the Americans, we don't get these shows.

I'm still wondering about The Edible Garden while you're all sitting around eating the garden fresh produce it inspired you to plant.

Sorry don't mean to grumble. Life's unfair etc. etc.

xo Jane

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Love the colour - very sophisticated. Please may we have before and after photos?