Victoria Plum and Spa Chicken

1.The Victoria plums were crumbled with butter and cinnamon.
2.New pictures on the Great Wall of Inspiration. Sailing boats meet African safari lodges meet shooting chic.
3.Spa chicken*, so called because you can eat it with just a fork, allowing the other hand to wildly gesticulate at the television whilst watching the Grand Prix. Mr Hamilton won. It was quite a race, there was a lot of shouting, my lunch guests joined in despite being rugby people xxx
4.The Hound doing what he does best

*Fill a roasting tin with fennel, red pepper, red onion, sage, a lot of garlic, a whole lemon pricked, and chunks of stale crusty bread. Place chicken on top, roast for allotted time, serve hot, crunchy garlicky croutons, vegetables and chicken all in one pot. Useful as a salad topping too, if you can wait for it to cool. Make 37 times more croutons than you think you will need.

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flwrjane said...

Unfortunately as I'm reading this deliciousness I'm chewing on a teeny piece of chocolate chip cookie. This does not allow for drooling over your chicken- much.

Rugby people! German girl is a rugger. Bring them for the BIG birthday dinner/dance.

Unfortunately USA women's team are not doing so well in your country right now.