I think I'm falling for you

Last week I had a telephone call from a journalist.

"What is your inspiration for Fall/Winter?" said she
"Fall? This is England darling, Autumn if you will" said I.

I didn't say that, but that's what i was thinking.

I hate that sort of question, it is impossible to answer without sounding pretentious, I am a florist, I'm not vying for an inclusion in Saatchi's living room.

I mumbled something about aubergine and sage, being Autumnal just as much as oranges and browns, about food and colour and other such things.

I sounded pretentious.

It's Colbie Caillat , figs later roasted with gorgonzola, a jacket, Kentish Cobnuts, and The Mother Hen's Blackcurrant Jam.


Becca said...

Newcastle has skipped fall, autumn, what September should be if you will.

It's Narnia up here

Gloves this morning but ice cream for lunch. Am in somewhat of a contradictory mood

Don't tell the bride tonight. Bbc3 9pm. It's car crash television but I love it. Tonight looks to have the groom in a Wonka style crushed velvet aubergene suit. Maybe he was inspired by autumn but the oompa loompas suggest otherwise.

Unknown said...

Wonderful pics, and I think you are spot on! But can't believe I look out the window in the morning, need boots and coat, by lunchtime its sandals and shaved legs!! Kx

Lou said...

Wonderful images - I have stumbled across you and was drawn in...then a scroll down confirmed...this was one to follow! Lou x

Anonymous said...

oooh lovely, bet the "Jacket" was especially tasty ;-)