Part 3 Roses in green foam

It was always going to be roses, Metallina, Amnesia, Memory lane, Diadeem, Sweet Avalanche, Avalanche, Blu curiosa, Majolica, Hypnose spray, Dark hypnose, Two faces, Savita, Upper secret,hydrangea, larkspur, mint, lisinathus, snowberry, dusty miller, sage, and ornamental cherry.

Place in green foam

et voila.


This wedding was a marvellous exercise in reusing flowers in varying locations, pew ends were tied onto banisters, pails of roses at the church steps went on window ledges, and then onto tables, urns went everywhere, and vases of flowers floated all around.

This wedding was brought to you by The Mother Hen, the staff at The George, gin, coffee, a very tolerant Hound, and an awful lot of M&S sandwiches, and more gin.

I forgot to photograph the bouquets, I was too busy crying. Will I never learn?

Thank goodness for Emily Quinton.


Anonymous said...

After doing my first wedding last week I surely GET your post. Lots of GIN and lots of help.

Helen said...

Ooh a David Fielden bride. Such gorgeous dresses. I'm pleased to say that I persuaded my sister into one for her wedding.

Beautiful flowers as ever. I always love the way you use colour and texture and the casual elegance of your arrangements. You make it all look so easy!!

My husband bought a copy of Alex Polizzi's 'Little Black Book of Hotels' the other day and The George comes highly recommended. Any tips for a visit to Stamford?