Don't fence me in

Another day another escapade.

The Hound was on the end of his lead one minute, and running free the next.

The lead had snapped.

It was so very dark, and he was so very determined to make me pay for having gone out for dinner and left him in the shop.

I can laugh about it now, but there were a lot of tears last night.

A tearful phone call to The Mother Hen, who came out into a cold night to search for The Boy Wonder. He was never far away, but just far enough to avoid capture. Laughing at us.

This time it's personal.


flwrjane said...

It's a good thing you love him.

Our lab pays us back for being left alone by eating various body building foods from the roommates shelves.

She'll be competing soon.

Sherri B. said...

I am so happy that it turned out well, they, like children, can be such a worry.

Have a great day.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...


Helen said...

Bad hound. We have short memories though. I'm sure all will be forgiven soon enough.

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Poor you! Please can we have more photos of your lovely shop.

rachel said...

How awful - your heart must have been in your mouth till he was found. Naughty boy.

Tracy x said...

horrid, horrid, horrid... so very pleased it all turned out o.k
hugs to you and none for the hound (bad boy)
t x