Now those days are gone

The Hound and I are mourning the loss of long light evenings, and warmth. The thermals have been unearthed, scarves, even gloves. The Boy Wonder has demanded the heater be plugged in and moved to his bedchamber.

The colours of summer, have gone, it is all about orange and blue at the moment. I quite like orange and blue so i don't mind, but it seems forever ago that we were being bowled over by peonies.

A lady came all the way from Durham today to see the shop. That is a long way. I always worry people will be terribly disappointed with the reality.

It's Bucks Fizz.

Also does anybody know of any stylists? As in fashion, not fiddling about with interiors.



rachel said...

And was she? Disappointed, I mean?

It's like my house pictures - terribly cropped, they give the illusion of order and comfort, and that's why no fellow blogger has yet set foot in the chaotic reality....

Robyn said...

I'm from Durham and I love reading your blog. You paint a picture of your shop and business in such a way that would make me want to visit too! (If indeed I had the time to make the trip...) Besides, Durham really isn't the end of the Earth...

Thanks for all the inspiring posts,


Miss Pickering said...

Rachel - I'm not sure. I might implement a survey for people to complete on the way out.
That's why i never go anywhere without The Hound he is a crowd pleaser, and hard to believe but even better in reality.

Robyn, thank you, my fear is that i am better at painting the picture than doing it. Perhaps i should forsake retailing for writing. It would probably be warmer.

Hannah said...

Take a look at http://www.sarahkaye.com/stylists/emma-freemantle

Always wanted to work with Emma in my last job but never quite managed it.


Robyn said...

You've gotta keep going - if you stop, you may have nothing to write about...?!
Living the dream! I've a similar dream which I'm in the process of taking little footsteps in - reading your stories reminds me that it's possible. So, thanks!

Becca said...

I'm whizzing by tomorrow en route to London. Mum and I are heading down to go to the Theatre.
Its always warmer in London. Maybe because I have my head in someone's armpit.
Seems like you have a large northern fan base Miss P. Please visit. We will all come to your demonstration and bring cake.
I recommend cashmere socks from joules - amazingly warm and cosy.

Dan said...

Just think of candles, mulled wine and lots of cosy evenings in. Oh, and the excuse to eat lots of comfort food due to the cold! Your pictures make autumn look appealing anyway.
Your shop always looks wonderful - I haven't been following your blog long, but I'm sure your lady from Durham wasn't disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Hey there is always Gok you know? lol Oh Miss P we love your wonderful eclectic, vintage look, its very lovely, however a change is as good as..... Sorry I am of no help at all... useless infact.. follow your heart.... gosh even thats a dumb thing to say. Signing off, dumbing down but with much love, Mrs T-J (suffering from puppy brain)

Mise said...

The loss of light is the main thing, isn't it? Until I was 30, I hardly even noticed cold and darkness, but now with every year I get grumpier in winter. I'd imagine the surroundings of a floral emorrium make it somewhat forever summer, no?