Flower school

Yesterday was the last full day flower school of the year.

Dates are being finalised for the 2011.

It was a joy, people travelled from as far as London, Cheshire and Birmingham. I was very impressed as people took to hand tied and buttonholing with great enthusiasm and aptitude.

We had lunch and drank wine, The Hound was adored and flowers taken away in baskets.

Polly Alexandre came, I adore her work, and tried play it cool and not gush. She brought a camera. I died.

Christmas courses are being organised as we speak, details at the end of the week.

Such fun.

This post was brought to you after 6 hours of being patronised by BT Broadband customer service.


Mother Hen said...

Parfait les fleurs, not so much the BT patronization club xxx

Becca said...

I didn't book because you said something about wedding classes and I was hoping and now it came true!!

I would have loved to have met Polly. We emailed re wedding photography. I told her I was unphotogenic and she said she could sort it out. I have diarised to email next year. I would heart to have Polly. Particularly if she could have sorted out my under eye bags.

I need to look around venues but it's so depressing now it's dark cold and damp. I don't know how to think peonies when I am faced with Holly and Ivy.

Lee said...

Dear Miss Pickering, do you think you could open a Melbourne, Australia branch of your 'flower school'? I'd love to participate - it sounds like such fun.

Miss Pickering said...

Becca-The wedding course will be in March. Polly is a darling.

Lee-I would love to open in Melbourne, i hear the climate is far nicer than here. One day.

Gemma said...

Hello there,
Just found your blog, it's so good. I do miss your shop. (don't know if you'll remember me it's Gemma, I used to pop in when I was living in Stamford)
Hope all's well
G x