Ham hock 2 - the sequel

Despite the previous attempt being a complete turkey. A sequel was made.
This time pearls of barley did not feature. It was destined straight for a sandwich with double barrel Lincolnshire Poacher, and panfried in butter. Served with a cup of roast tomato soup, made from another batch of those sticky syrupy tomatoes, a red onion, whizzed up with some stock and a dollop of creme fraiche. Comfort food. The shot glass? Last season sloe gin. For medicinal purposes.

Anyone expecting a report back from the Designer Wedding Show, sorry. I woke with my throat on fire and the inability to move. Did you go? Let us know who blew you away, who inspired you? Did you find a dress? A headpiece? A venue? A honeymoon?

The cupcake made by The Other Miss Pickering, she is turning into quite the baker.

I did get a chance to catch up on some reading.

There was plenty of meat on the hock, headed for a pasta dish. Left out to cool on the worktop, then a loud crash, a hound, the hock is no more.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Can I just ask where you get your American magazines from? Thanks

Mise said...

Dear Miss Pickering, I pop over from Small But Charming to have a look and I find that you are a gin drinker, and that you make fine, fine sandwiches! Perhaps I could play you in the film of your life?

Anonymous said...

i think I would play the Hound, he has a very indulged life almost hedonistic.... i will play him xxx love Mrs T-J

Mother Hen said...

I have a cunning plan.......starters courtesy of The Captain, you and the other Miss P the main, Miss S can conjure up the dessert..... et moi?
In the library with a glass or three of champagne, ready to descend at the appointed hour, looking serene and unflustered for one 25th. Cheers xxxx

Miss Pickering said...

I order my magazines through my local newsagent. Although i have noticed Martha's titles are stocked in quite a few of them now.

Mise: I don't think my life would make for interesting viewing, but I'll pass your details onto the casting director should the need ever arise.

Radish is up for the part of The Hound.