Toad in the hole

Start with the Yorkshire pudding batter. Everybody has their own variation, most are closely guarded secrets. how to get the perfect crisp puddings with a soft and enveloping centre.

125g plain flour
2 pinchs of salt
2 eggs and an extra yolk
a grind or 2 of black pepper
125ml of milk
125ml of water.

Whisk together and leave to stand.
Heat a tablespoon of fat in a chichi enamel tin a la Jamie Oliver.
Heat in a hot oven for 10 minutes.
Add some sausages and return to the oven until browned.
Flip the sausages over and pour over the batter.
Cook until risen and golden brown.

You can also make chop in the hole, or dispense with the meat all together and pour into muffin tins. My Grandmother used to make them with onion, sometimes we had them for pudding with jam, the plain ones, not the ones with onion. That would be weird.

Whilst the oven is on, empty the fruit basket of slightly soft peaches. Destone and place in a dish with butter and sugar. Roast. Cool. Serve with yoghurt for breakfast.

In the garden, things have perked up, new buds, there is actually colour, and the newly purchased dark violet and white violas patiently await their turn in the pots.


Becca said...

Two eggs?? Tres eggstravagant (geddit!)

I am a one egg woman but have a miraculous piece of Tupperware that I swear by to get risen perfection.

I had a housemate who thought yorkshire's were invented by M&S (Londoner). Disgrace.

It should be on the curriculum.

Susan said...

oh, I would like me some toads please.
That looks delish !!

Mayesh International said...

Aaaah the delights of youth long since vanquished. Toad-in-the-Hole, one of lifes great pleasures, and a frugal way to make the most out of a couple of bangers. Hot, HOT oil is the key to the Yorhsire puds. Thanks for posting...where's the gravy?

Mise said...

I think the plain yorkshire puds might be quite delicious with the roast peaches and a light dusting of icing sugar. Would that be sacrilege?