Have flowers. Will travel.

To London. SE1. Train cancelled. Spill coffee down top. Second train running at reduced power. No seats. Men in suits staring at girl with flowers in basket. Saved by a black cab, that was pea green. Arrive flustered.

That's the highlights of an early morning journey up to London.

The flowers were for a shoot for Wedding Flowers magazine. A hand tied bouquet and a table centre if you will. I ditched the pot et fleur, as pretty as it was it was too stiff, so i went to my large cupboard of jam jars and filled one of those instead. At first it was to be just foliage, but we were saved by the appearance of some locally grown purple anemones.

I panicked when i got there, as the London florists designs had been shot yesterday, and not a scrap of foliage in sight, and they had all been sent in smart boxes, and not vintage baskets. Why didn't i think of a box?

The photographer Andy at RGB digital was a star, and showed me how everything worked. It was fascinating, it has inspired me to try some photo editing, or at least to try a little more than saturation levels.

Then i popped into an amazing florist a few doors up, more on that tomorrow. Now we must prepare for a shoot with the Wall Street Journal.....Wall Street off of New York City.


a tiny hurricane said...

Your flowers look amazing as always! I live in London and have those rushed/stressful mornings on a regular basis. Just wondering why I haven't moved out to the country yet ;)

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Brings back memories of me commuting to Primrose Hill each day i now know why i didnt continue! The flowers look lovely, i subscribe to that magazine so will keep an eye out for them x

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Whooo.. can't wait! Is it for the Oct/Nov issue??

Anonymous said...

I have just been to London with my daughter and really get the hustle and bustle of everything - it was amazing. Your flowers will shine because they are YOU

Gill said...

The flowers in the jar look lovely.

Becca said...

I like yours the bestest. Will you travel further north if that is where we establish a venue? I was talking to a florist at a business development thing and I was saying how I loved herbs and she said "oh yeah we do that, Rosemary is really popular". My response "just rosemary", "yes" says she.

We are going to make appointments to see Burghley and also the George. Maybe Belton House near Grantham. Grimsthorpe is out due to a lack of civil ceremony or indoor space (the boy doesn't do religion).

I did think about home but then its just a marquee and you know, it might rain and we need indoor space.

Clearly I have gone past "just being happy about the engagement" and gone straight into "venue hunting".

rachel said...

Well, I would much rather have flowers in a vintage basket or a jam jar than a smart box any day! Yours look delightful.

You did well to arrive unscathed after such a train journey too. Not for the faint-hearted, some of those trains....

Miss Pickering said...

What lovely comments. Thank you.

Sooz we need to hear about your trip to London. where did you go? What did you see?

Becca we need to talk, i know a lot about venues........and yes we travel all over the UK, should you decide on t'north.

Becca said...

Miss P, yes we do. Next time I am home and not indundated with aunts suggesting their children/god children/grandchildren/kittens as bridesmaids I will call and arrange to pop by when we view the Big House (I will bring cakes and something for the hound).

I am so pleased to hear you travel. I would be scared of having to go to another florist who wants me to have a dome of Aqua roses with diamonte centres. Or God Forbid, Gerbera.

Valley Flower Company said...

I think your vintage vase arrangement is far lovelier than anything the big fancypants florist would make. Those anemone are making my heart flutter.

lbc flower delivery philippines said...

Pretty flowers! Wish i can also have them all. Hahahaha.. just kidding. I just really love flowers. Thanks for sharing.