Sundries so loathsome they should be banned.

I thought we might start on sundries, having looked at flowers and foliage. We are coming into the festive season, which is bound to supply us with some real chestnuts. Red glitter pine cone picks anyone?

Weddings are the subject of todays's post, and the oasis bouquet holder is our star.

I don't understand their role in life, they serve only to make things look stiff, and seriously dodgy in the saggital plane. Evidently you still need to wire and glue, so they seem not to elivate any work? and that handle?

Am i wrong? do you find them useful, do you insert flowers into them and think they are heaven sent? Do you? Please share.


Grace Farrimond said...

I would quite happily burn the lot!! We were always taught to use them but I think they should be left in the 1980's! There is no naturalness to them at all!!

kim said...

A woman who borrowed my studio to design flowers for her niece's wedding left one of these behind..it confirmed my suspicions regarding her skills.

benjiboy said...

Oh do come along now....don't you think you're being a little harsh...we use these for every wedding we do...our local blooms just look super in these little gems! Everyone says..."hey Benji...lovin' the bouquet holder...wish Mizz P did those!'
I particularly like the brand of French one's in the picture...the English one's just don't have that 'je n'cest que'.
Kindest regards
Benjamin Scott-Ranyard

Gemma said...

They were the bane of my life at college... those and oasis balls for pommanders... eurgh!

Fuchsia Christine said...

I still have the handle and cage part (sans oasis) which they forced us to use at college! Needless to say, it remains a relic of decades past. I wonder if they still advocate their use in college today?

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Yes i can confirm they use them still at college, at least the one i attend!

Miss Pickering said...

These comments are making me laugh.
Amanda do you think i could come along to your college the next time you do one. I am super curious to see the reasoning behind them.

Becca said...

I am thinking of having one filled with Gerbera. Lots and lots of Gerbera.

I will contact you to discuss my requirements shall I?

Miss Pickering said...


Please note other florists are available.

Miss P.

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Miss P, what amazes me is why they are used, i always wonder why brides don't always hold bouquets the way they should its probably cos of these upright plastic things.

There won't be a single one in sight when i do my best friends wedding next year (but don't tell my tutor!)

Anonymous said...

We do a wedding almost every weekend. And we NEVER use these. We have a box of them that's covered with dust, ha ha
I'm in Texas.

Mrs B said...

Can't believe you've blogged about this today.....today is the one and only day there has been one in use in my shop!!.....I think colleague in question won't mind me telling you that she didn't enjoy the experience.....today was the day devoted to finishing off the college practicals. You should see the list of designs and the paperwork...it is so so dated and backward. Ever had to 'optimise' a design in your shop??

I once attended a wedding where the bride carried one of these monstrosities......various heads 'plopped' out as she walked up the aisle.
No bride should endure that sort of embarrassment or have to hold such an unatractive implement. It's the ones with the frill that really get me....always makes me think of a knitted dolly loo roll holder xxx

megan said...

Miss P,

could you next attack colored wire? Or spray on glitter? Or hanging plastic "crystals" meant to be strung on *shudder* manzanitas? Or lights that get submerged in water?

Thanking you in advance,


Unknown said...

The horror! Seriously, I give similar rants to my co-workers every season. And yes to Megan, the list of atrocities goes on and on.

lou said...

my absolute bug bear is printed cellophane, where i used to work we had tinted, wording and the most vile patterns imaginable (lime swirls etc) and as soon as you wrapped the bouquet you lost the flowers. i've just opened my shop with the determination to stick to clear with tissue paper

thank you for confirming my dislike of wedding belles, having spent years listening to them being praised it's refreshing to hear from normal people!