Flower school with cameras

What happens when a photographer with a passion for flowers meets a florist with a passion for photography? If truth be told a lot of squealing and chatter, but Emily Quinton and I are instead combining our expertise and passions to bring you the ultimate course.

Flower school and botanical photography

May 10th 2011

at Miss Pickering 7 St. Paul's Street, Stamford, PE9 2BE

Cost £385.00*

*The price includes all flowers, lunch, wine and tuition, flowers in the morning, photography in the afternoon.

You don't need to have a fandangly camera to attend. Emily will be teaching the fundamentals of light and composition, which apply whether you are using a digital SLR or a Polaroid camera from the 1970's. I have a Polaroid camera from the 1970's, I am bringing it.

Obviously there will be flowers, lily of the valley, ranunculus, locally grown stocks, the first of the peonies, and a few surprises.

To book your space please email either Emily on hello@emilyquinton.com or myself on flowers@misspickering.com

Gift vouchers for this course are available if you would like to present it to somebody on Christmas Day.

Stamford is a beautiful stone built town, picture postcard in fact. Anyone wishing to make a mini break of it, will find plenty to photograph. Details of accommodation and other sights worth a picture will be included with your booking confirmation.

Yes, Emily is the photographer from the television


Lee said...

Okay, now I am convinced that you should have an outpost in Melbourne! I would love to attend your 'flower school with cameras' - you should see my woeful floral photography. It's shocking. Why am I stuck on the other side of the world? I am going to teleport myself to Stamford. Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - if Melbourne is getting a glimpse - sydney is too - I am pea green with jealousy - two of my favourite things. Like Like Like

BumbleVee said...

what lovely shots!

flwrjane said...

How about the states, you know you would go down a treat.

If I play and win the lottery I'm there GG and Lab in tow.

Damn you and your fabulous ideas.

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