Trick or treat

Trick - teaching an old dog new ones

Treat - pink peppercorn and viburnum tinus berries


flwrjane said...

Scared of the first.

Love the second.

Except when I drop the pink pepperberries on the floor and walk on them.

This brings on a big sneezing attack, scary for the Lab.

Happy Halloween!

xo Jane

Becca said...

Trick-hiddeously day of trying on wedding dresses resulting in sitting for one hour being asked questions about my theme (answer-my theme is marriage) before being allowed to try overpriced polyester monstrosities

Treat-chicken madras, half a garlic naan and the X-factor

Miss Pickering said...

I have heard that the purchase of a wedding dress is not quite the romantic dream. I have heard good things about Annie Laurie in Easton on the hill.

I would go to the Temperley / Amanda Wakeley outlet at Bicester, and buy an off the peg, and then have Aspen fries at Villandry.

Jane - my eyes were watering a lot on saturday