I didn't carve any pumpkins last year, and decided against doing them again this year.

Instead we are going "Woodland Kitsch"

It is making people giggle, or making them think i have finally lost my marbles. Whichever.

A marvellous thank you to Dixon, who patiently sifted through the enormous log pile as I examined each one for it's artistic merits. A gentleman indeed.

I want a tilt shift lens now.

If this was Twitter i would add #princess after that statement.

Happy halloween and all that jazz.



Unknown said...

If you are missing one, I believe that Bambi may have just sat on a marble in the final picture. If this was texting "rofl".

rachel said...

It may be heresy to say this, but I can't bear all the Hallowe'en nonsense. But give me a woodland - ah, that's different!

Phoebe said...

I love it! I am so glad Im coming home tomorrow to see it, and hopefully you in the flesh.

KELLY said...


(i bet they all come to
life after lights out)

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

As long as you are still getting a response...

Sue A said...

Please can I ask what a tilt shift lens is? Love the woodland by the way.