2 and 4

The dresser has had a makeover, a declutter.

It is now the perfect showcase for flowers, gold ilex. Proof that I drink vodka as well as gin, and don't always do things in 3's and 5's. I will probably be drummed out of the floral industry for that.

This Christmas card shoot had to be postponed, The Hound is refusing to frolic in the snow until all the requests on his rider have been met. We just don't have the space in the garden for a hot tub.

We did however meet up with gardener Laetitia Maklouf, the author of the book we all got excited over. We met at The Pub, she signed my book, she is lovely, and witty. We drank tea. She is writing book 2, brilliant.

How was your weekend? Do you have snow at your door? Did you meet up with a celebrity gardener? Do you have a dog willing to go out in the snow?


Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

I have one very unhappy looking dog in a jumper posing with his toy reindeer for the xmas card and december shot on next years annual calendar.

Tagged my christmas tree in a snowy field at the weekend. No famous gardeners, but i had the pleasure of Delia and Nigella helping me cook a birthday cake and two christmas cakes in the kitchen. Feel more christmassy now.

flwrjane said...

I have a dog who lives for the snow but thank god we have none.

We do however have our first hard frost this morning. everything is very sparkley.

And great minds think alike with the ilex:)

Off to work now even though I'm pretty sure i don't work Mondays. Hmph.

xo Jane

rachel said...

Depends on the dog. One (large and leggy) can't get enough, the other (small and stumpy) wants to go home after 5 yards' worth of walking in it.... The length of leg seems to affect the approach to snow - I'm not sure I'd enjoy dragging my tummy through it either.

KELLY said...

no celebrity gardeners graced the fens today. but we did have a baby willing to don an elfkin hat for photos! she did almost swallow a jingle bell but 80 shots later and i think a christmas card is on order tonight with moo.

those berries are amazing! i must get some. we are so very decluttered here post-decoration. but only in about one room. all the clutter is spread about the others. i don't want to put any of it back!

your day sounded exciting. how wonderful for a monday. hope you are keeping cosy and the hound is being pandered to for a future shoot. hugs to you both XxX

Becca said...

This weather is hiddeous. Not to sound like a complete celebrity (believe me I am anything but-tea anyone?) but my PA was snowed in and it's approaching 50 cm (over two foot in old people speak) underneath her windows.

I went to see wedding venues, was not enthused. Am not sure if it's something I am supposed to 'just know' but I didn't.

I drink English breakfast and PG Tips, not vodka and gin. I am not sure one of those 160 bag boxes would hold Ilex or anything.

On the plus side I have started my Christmas shopping by buying out John Lewis. I am a sucker for good advertising that makes me cry.

the gardener's cottage said...

no to all of your questions. but i'm loving your blog.


Harriet Hat Peg said...

Bombay Sapphire Bottles also make nice vases too.

Unknown said...

I love that you used an absolute bottle. I think it's so much fun to use interesting and unexpected bottles. I like using vow water bottles.