This morning

we have

1. Wondered how long into the conversation you should interject and tell them my name isn't Sarah? I didn't. Too awkward for all parties concerned. This customer has been flowers from me for 2 years.

2. Filled the window with ilex, the gold is my favourite, more understated, less brash.

3. Worn nail polish in colour number 13 - Dangerous Affair, a red. Lipstick to match.

4. Watched a man steal the care label from one of baby Christmas trees outside. People are weird.

5. Made The Hound get out of his bed and perform some tricks for customers. Twice.

6. Topics of conversation have been nuclear waste, Paris, thermals and bread sauce.

I feel like the little girl who played shop with her Fisher Price till.


rachel said...

Don't say anything about the name....it would be mortifying. in my street, several of us called the woman across the road by the wrong name for 2 years - and it was only when she was moving away, and we wrote goodbye cards for her, did her husband (who she was leaving) let on that she wasn't actually Rachel at all, but Karen. The odd thing was, she had always answered to Rachel....

Anonymous said...

So jealous I always wanted a fisher price till! Mrs T-J (serious till envy!)xxx

Poppy in Pearls said...

Perfect nailpolish! That is the exact on I wore to my wedding three weeks ago!

Stefania said...

I passed by your window last on the week end and saw your compositions...they are lovely! I thought to come and see if you had uploaded a few pics of there and here we go! Can I put one of them in my blog with your credits?