Blue Spruce Christmas wreaths - a retrospective

The white cable that links la camera to le laptop is missing again.

So instead some wreaths vintage 2008.

All made with a traditional moss base, because that's the way we roll.

This year our designs are very different, but I will still recreate some from the back catalogue.

We also sell the brass rings and wires, moss and spruce for those wanting to make their own.

On Tuesday we received a parcel of homemade Christmas cakes from Cityboy1, yesterday a bowl of "mine strone" from The Stamford Hen.

The way to a girls' heart and all that.


flwrjane said...

Now I really do have to get in the kitchen. you and the hound need to stop distracting me.

World peace hinges upon my dinner.

xo jane

benjiboy said...

Blue Spruce....hummm...we at Higgledy are contemplating growing a few hunderd happy hippy organic little numbers to sell as potted trees next BaybJesusmas. They are a really fab colour that gives the heart a little twinge...or a pluck perhaps...or a tickle...?

Admin said...

hello Miss Pickering... Is it possible to order the wreath making equipment online or over the phone as I don't live near enough to pop in!??

Anna @ Evie George